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Truxor 5045

Truxor 5045


Dorotea Mekaniska AB has introduced a more powerful Truxor.

New Hydraulic System
New cyclone technology improves air separation. 65% less hydraulic oil in system. Less environmental impact in case of spillage.

New Engine
45 hp Kubota Turbo Diesel Engibe. Greater power output. Reduced operating noise level. More power.

New Steering System
New joy sticks give better maneuverability. More functions available at hand!

New Tracks
New track fabric specially developed for Truxor.

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DM 5045 Technical Data

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Motor: Kubota V1505 Turbocharged engine diesel 44,9 hk / 3000 rpm. Environmental class Interim TIER 4/ Stage 3 A. Euro class 3

Electric system: 12 volt,60-A generator, 45 Ah battery

Hydraulic system: Load-sensitive hydraulic system (LS). Moment 115 Nm. Hydraulic tank 19 litre. Regulation (control) of functions with CAN-bus technique. Automatic stop if oil level in hydraulic tank is to low.

Left joystick: Hydraulic outlet 1- working pressure 140 bar 0-201/min. Hydraulic outlet 2 - working pressure 130 bar, 0-11I/min.

Right joystick: Hydraulic outlet 3 - working pressure 200 bar. 0-60 l/rnin, 22,2 hk.

Drive band: (paddle band) manufactured in rubber.

Weight: 1400 kg.

Other: Warning system for driving in maximum slope and automatic stop of engine if maximum slope is exceeded. Controllable thermostat driver's seat.

Truxor OM 5045 Art nr. 94-5045
Environmental choice: Hydraulic eco-friendly oil, Panolin (36 litres) replaces standard hydraulic oil.
Art. nr. 94-10HLP462

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