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Doro pump

The Doro Pump is operated by a hydraulic motor and has a capacity of 130 m3/h. Sediment is screw-fed into the pump inlet. There are knives mounted in the suction inlet of the pump to provide the pump with an even flow of sediment.

Suction dredging in pure sand is performed with a suction tube which is mounted in the inlet of the pump. The Doro Pump is delivered with a mechanical bracket. As an accessory, the Doro Pump can also be delivered with a hydraulically operated telescopic extension, which will increase the dredging depth and facilitate manoeuvring.

The Doro pump is suitable for Truxor DM 5000.

Technical Data

Max capacity 130 m3/h,
Max capacity with lifting height of 1 meter 120 m3/h
2 meters 110 m3/h, 3 meters 100 m3/h. Lifting height, length of tubing, type of sediment, etc. will affect the max capacity.
Weight 99 kg
Dredging depth 1,6 m

Dredging pump 2500

Dredging Pump 2500
For pumping sediment. The feed screw loosens the sediment so the pump receives an even flow. The pump can also be equipped with a suction funnel, which is recommended when the sediment is light and soft. A cutting device is located in the suction inlet of the pump that cuts roots and other soft objects. The pump is regulated from a start panel that is mounted at the driver's seat.

Dredging pump 2500 is suitable for Truxor DM 4700B and Truxor DM 5000.

Technical Data

Motor Briggs & Stratton 23 hp, electric start, air-cooled.
A centrifugal coupling protects the pump from overloading.
Max capacity 120 m3/h.
Max capacity at lifting height of 1 meter 110 m3/h,
2 meters 100 m3/h, 3 meters 90 m3/h. Lifting height, tube length,
type of sediment, etc. will affect the max capacity.
Dredging depth 1600 mm
Length 1950 mm
Weight 171 kg

Sala rollpump

Sala Rol Pump
Can pump light sediment with a lower volume of water. The pump creates a strong vacuum and increases pressure. The high pressure allows sediment to be pumped long distances. The dredging head is mounted on the telescopic arm and is pressed directly into the sediment. This helps reduce the amount of suspended sediment in the water.

Sala roll pump is suitable for Truxor DM 5000.

Technical Data

Weight: 123 kg
Capacity: 12 m3/h
Working pressure 6 bar
Max pressure: 9 bar
Technical vacuum: -0,95 bar

Dredging accessories:
1 off dredging tube, 3.3 m suction hose 65 mm,
4 off quick-links 65 mm, 1 m pressure hose 65 mm.
1 off frame bracket. Art no. 79-3001